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Free and DIRECT CONTACT with music organizers, Bands, Artists and performers

You are looking for a suitable music, band, party band, cover band, a DJ, a solo entertainer or perhaps an artist, artists, magicians, clowns, dancers or other show act for your event, your celebration.

Whether it is for a party, wedding, birthday party, camping party, corporate event or a Matura - subscribe to our portal festival planning, you can find the right music, band, or the right artist or artists for your party or your event up to the event technology. We provide you with a way to organize a FREE DIRECT CONTACT to bands, musicians, artists and other businesses ago.

Under the menu wedding you will also find great deals around the wring, Caterer, location, photographer, wedding dress, wedding rings, floral arrangements, cakes up to the event equipment, etc.

Enter your wishes and ideas such as Date, genre, from which region, within budget, etc., and on hard Planning will automatically determines which band, what kind of music which artist is to date free and your specification corresponds. You will receive on your entries in soon DIRECTLY from the respective artist - musician - Band from your region an offer that suits your needs and criteria.

We wish you luck and success in your search for a suitable show act for your party.